A Look into the Mind of an EDI Consultant

Posted by Brad Loetz on Feb 23, 2016 11:30 AM

As an EDI or Integration Professional, Manager, or IT Executive we thought you might like some perspective on what makes EDI consultants tick.  Outlined in this piece is a sampling of why consultants made the IT specialization choice they did, and beyond that, why a career in consulting.

Perspective.jpgThe themes and summations in this blog were derived from a survey of Remedi consultants which was administered a while back.  We thought you might enjoy comparing people's choice in an IT specialization to your own motivations in a career path.  Additionally, it provides some insight where Remedi integration professionals are concerned.

One of the most important questions we asked our consultants was what attracted them to EDI in the first place. Some of our respondents simply found their way into EDI without intending to, either by company assignment or happenstance. Those who pursued EDI spoke a lot about seeing EDI as an in-demand field with lots of opportunity for growth. They realized EDI was going to be big for a long time and liked the idea of helping a variety of companies move and integrate important data.

Many of the respondents surveyed have been integrators since the ‘90s, choosing to stay a consultant for the long haul in their career. This begged the question of why they liked consulting and what benefits keep them in the business for decades. Common themes for the consultants were the flexible hours and ever-changing environments. Working with new people in different industries keeps their work fresh and exciting, while having input on their schedules gives them freedom to plan their work and personal life.

While looking over the survey, it is evident that our respondents are ambitious learners. They relish the opportunity to add another skill or experience to their resume and become a more well-rounded, marketable consultant. Any advice offered by colleagues is taken seriously, knowing it could change their career for the better. When asked to share their best piece of advice received, our consultants focused on the client. Many respondents spoke of keeping clients informed and providing advice while ultimately letting them decide the course of action.

With the above, you have a glimpse into the mind of an EDI consultant on three very specific themes. Hopefully this gives you some questions and situations to examine as you consider utilizing a consultant and vetting those who you consider moving forward with.

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