An Increasingly Competitive Marketplace For Data Integration

Posted by Brooke Lester on Dec 3, 2014 1:53 PM

We have posted in past blogs the different challenges that exist when seeking full-time or contract talent in a competitive, or less than competitive, environment.  In our experience, the market for data integration professionals has become decidedly more competitive. From our position, client demand has risen sometimes delaying data and business integration projects that could simply be delayed no longer. Also, the financial positions of many organizations have gotten better and many are seeking resources for 2015 projects. 

So what can hiring managers do to ensure they get, and keep, the talent they need?


  • make sure the position is outlined with the exact skills necessary to get the best fit for both parties, ideally avoiding the over/under qualified
  • make sure to interview, select, and on-board your candidates in a timely manner before someone else gets your talent, competitive environments offer a great candidate many options
  • make sure compensation is competitive taking into consideration the ebbs and flows of the marketplace, consult peers at other companies or your recruiting/consulting partner for benchmarks
  • make sure to utilize your recruiter/consulting partner to parse desirable talent from the rest of the population, reputable niche firms are speaking with hundreds of candidates a week
  • make sure to utilize your recruiter/consulting partner who has relationships, networks, databases, and resources that allow for them to be in tune with the very best active and passive candidates

As you’re planning your initiatives for 2015, remember, the holidays are a great time to interview candidates, and for candidates to search for opportunities.  The weeks of Christmas and New Year’s offer expanded scheduling flexibility for phone and face to face interviews.  If you're planning a software purchase, upgrade, or implementation don't wait for 2015, in some cases there maybe valuable incentives offered if you act now!

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