Anniversaries...A Time To Look Back And Remember

Posted by Tracy Loetz on Jul 17, 2014 4:32 PM

As we have been touting for a few weeks now, our company 20 year anniversary was this week.  To commemorate the event, we created a Remedi timeline that goes through the milestones of our company, such as when associates joined us, when we moved offices, and when partnerships were formed.  While Brad and I were working on the timeline, we were reminded of many memories and fun stories that we don't often think about.

logo_1994-1999For example, something that drives Brad crazy, is that we still get people saying our name as rem E.D.I., and that is because in our original logo, the name was remEDI.  My last full-time position before starting Remedi was as the Director of EDI at a pharmaceutical wholesaler.  I thought the name that sounded like remedy was a good choice for the healthcare field (which I had planned on being my focus).  I wanted to emphasize the EDI portion, so I capitalized it.   It was always pronounced as remedy, but we still hear rem E.D.I. after 15 years!

Another story we were reminded of is from a long-time consultant, Dave.  On his first day, we took him to the airport over lunch to watch the Concorde land.  It was late arriving, and we spent hours in our car waiting for it to show up. Not a typical first day on the job :) 

As we talked through our history, it is fascinating to me how the company has changed over time.  I will say that the times when I wasn't so thrilled with how things were going, was due to not having the right people in the right positions.  As with any company, the people make the difference.  

I am proud of Remedi, our company ethics, the morals of the people we have hired, and the dedication, hard work, and loyalty of everyone.   I am still shocked that the company I started in our home office so long ago, has become a multi-million dollar business.

Here's to the next 20! 

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