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Articles by Tracy Loetz

Tracy Loetz

Tracy is the CEO and founder of REMEDI Electronic Commerce Group. Tracy is currently responsible for all technology related things at REMEDI as well as consultant management, technical assessments, and strategic planning.

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An EDI Thanksgiving

Posted by Tracy Loetz on Nov 20, 2018 9:19 AM

Thanksgiving is the beginning of the trifecta of holidays for our family - Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's. While it is always nice to get out of the regular routine and spend time with family and friends, there are always stresses. For me, it is the unpredictability of the day. I am an organizer, so I like to know what the game plan is. Who is bringing what? What time are guests arriving? What time will we eat? What time do we need to put the turkey in the oven? .. and the list goes on and on.

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eCommerce Solution Provider Reduces EDI Map Migration Time by 80%

Posted by Tracy Loetz on Jun 29, 2018 10:03 AM

The Challenge

Through a large acquisition, a leading eCommerce solution provider was challenged with the need to discover a unique way to expedite the EDI map migration from their existing EDI solution to their new EDI environment to maintain outstanding trading partner relationships. With their existing legacy IBM Gentran Server UNIX maps, there was no direct migration path to move their existing EDI maps to their new environment, IBM B2B Integrator.

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Communications Infrastructure Solution Provider Achieves $4.5 Million ROI

Posted by Tracy Loetz on Jun 28, 2018 10:04 AM

The Challenge

REMEDI’s client, a global leader in infrastructure solutions for communications networks, acquired a division of another global organization that would test their legacy infrastructure to support the acquisition and makes the merger of the two integration environments a success. The acquisition quickly tripled their existing trading partner relationships from seventy to over 225+, and they were growing rapidly. Their legacy integration and EDI platform was not robust enough to handle the growth and support the new requirements requested by the new relationships they were acquiring.

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PBI-Gordon Resolves EDI Mapping Errors and Increases Data Accuracy by 83%

Posted by Tracy Loetz on May 30, 2018 2:27 PM

The Challenge

PBI-Gordon Corporation markets and sells its products through distributors and retailers. As the company grew, it needed a more powerful, enterprise-level EDI solution to simplify management of a large and diverse community of business partners, including some of the world’s largest retail distributors. PBI-Gordon Corporation chose OpenText/Inovis BizLink.

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Automotive Manufacturer Resolves EDI Problems Before They Become Customer Problems

Posted by Tracy Loetz on May 30, 2018 2:26 PM

The Challenge

Perception is everything, especially a customer’s perception. When customers began calling out EDI problems before their automotive interior manufacturer knew about them, the manufacturer knew it was time to upgrade EDI.

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