API Management Software: A B2B Guide

Posted by Brooke Lester on Oct 9, 2019 1:57 PM

API Management Software: A B2B Guide

You might have heard about APIs and the role they play in businesses of today and of the future. However, if you are not an API expert, you might not understand how best to utilize these tools. API management software can help.

Read on to learn more about what API management tools do, how they work, and how they can benefit your business.

What Are APIs?

API stands for application programming interface. The best way to think of an API is that it is like an electrical outlet. An electrical outlet lets you consume a service by plugging in a device.

An API acts as an electrical outlet in that it allows an application to consume information. APIs can deliver information in such a way that an application can make use of it, much like an electrical socket enables a device to function.

What Is API Management Software?

API management software refers to tools that allow companies to build and manage APIs so that they can securely share services and data.

How does API management software work? It protects APIs in two ways: from digital threats such as hacks, and from sudden spikes in traffic (especially from other apps that access your APIs). API management software regulates traffic so that an API will not crash due to too many queries.

“API management software protects APIs from digital threats and unexpected spikes in traffic.”

One of the ways in which API management software does that is by generating analytics and usage reporting. The software can tell you which requests are coming in, and from where they are coming. If they are coming from a source you do not trust, you can take steps to mitigate that problem.

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Additionally, API management software gives you greater control over your APIs. With API management software, you decide which applications, partners, or developers can access your APIs. Authentication protects your APIs by ensuring that only authorized parties can connect to them.

“API management software gives you greater control over your APIs.”

API management software also provisions connections. That means that the software will create identifiers for each app connecting to the API and controls how it uses it so that the API functions properly.

While security is important, you also want to build your community of API developers. API management software helps you foster a developer community with specialized platforms. These platforms also let you share your APIs with developers using similar APIs.

“API management software helps you build your API developer community.”

Why does API management software matter? As APIs become more prevalent in the IT landscape, you need a mechanism to rein them in and protect your data. API management software allows you to do just that.

For companies still dabbling in APIs, the idea of implementing API management software might cause discomfort. However, using a trusted third party makes the process smoother and easier and removes the burden of maintenance from the company. To learn more about APIs and other integration topics, sign up for our blog today!

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