B2B Integration and the Importance of System Documentation (+Downloadable Template)

Posted by Brooke Lester on Jan 25, 2023 3:12 PM

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Projects involving B2B integration and EDI-architecture updates do best when the organization undertaking them does network documentation first. 

All B2B integration programs should start with network documentation. In the following sections, we detail how and why your company can benefit from network documentation–so you can make your B2B integration and EDI-architecture modernization a success.

Why Network Documentation?


For a B2B integration and EDI-environment upgrade project to realize its full potential, the organization undertaking it must first document the network. Network documentation is essentially a technical record of the totality of an entity’s software, hardware, data, servers and user profiles, plus an explanation of how these elements work together. Learning the breadth and depth of owned assets is particularly crucial for several reasons.

Without a comprehensive accounting of everything in its network, an organization would have a difficult time being certain of its compliance with these regulations. Failure to comply is costly and can put companies out of business.

New hires

Like other professions, HR experiences turnover. People retire, leave for new opportunities, pass away, or are terminated. In each of those cases, a new employee is brought in – and he or she must become familiar with the organization’s environment. The first step in great records management is sound network documentation. 

Move to managed services

When an organization moves to managed services, it has a third party take over the daily running of its specialized applications. Making the change can save a company significant time and effort, freeing up its employees’ hours to focus on core competencies. It’s little wonder so many entities decide to do it. 

But to make the transition to MS as seamless as possible, a documented network is a must. The MS provider needs a comprehensive picture of the business’ assets so that it can manage them.

Integration Requirements

Documenting your network gives you the best possible visibility into your needs when it comes to B2B integration and upgrades to your EDI architecture. With everything set out in front of you, you can see clearly where your integration needs lie, particularly in employee records.

Modern enterprise technology is more complex than it’s ever been. Today, even small businesses are connected to new tech. What are your assets? Do you have legacy systems in place that require an Application Programming Interface? Are some of your assets incompatible with your chosen B2B integration platform? Documenting your network lets you learn the answers to these questions and others before you make expensive decisions.

It’s important to note that an organization isn’t “done” with integration once it’s implemented a B2B integration platform. There may be future technologies you’ll wish to implement, and this implementation will be made much simpler thanks to your prior network documentation.  

Troubleshooting problems

Network documentation also helps you see where problems are occurring. Let’s say that, after your B2B integration, you note that information is flowing more slowly than it should be. Using network documentation, you can learn which of your systems is failing to communicate with the integration platform–so you can fix it.

Improving the EDI environment

Because it highlights problematic system areas, network documentation is an excellent way to identify places that need improvement. 

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Free B2B and EDI Architecture Documentation Template

To help you get started on your documentation project, Remedi is pleased to provide a template for your use. Once you download it, you can fill out the template internally, or, if you prefer, you can contact the Remedi team for help. Get your free B2B Integration and EDI Architecture Documentation template right now!