EDI Vendor Evolution - Where Is Your's Placing Its Investments?

Posted by Brad Loetz on Apr 17, 2014 3:34 PM

Over the course of the last several years we have found that innovation, or more like lack of innovation, has been one of the leading reasons why clients have researched, purchased, and deployed new modern integration solutions.

...Once upon a time B2B integration technology was primarily licensed software allowing users to transform data and trade EDI documents with their trading partner base.  Tool functionality was very specific to the intended purpose, transforming data to some standard format or a proprietary one, and exchanging the result with some party. 

When cloud solutions grew as a delivery model, data transformation and exchange functionality became available through EDI software companies via an outsource or managed service offering.  As EDI managed services in the cloud matured, some providers began "betting the farm" on this integration delivery model, making precious few enhancements to their on-premise B2B integration tool(s).

Meanwhile, competing firms not only enhanced their cloud offering but invested significantly in their on-premise assets realizing that cloud was not for everyone, or that some prefer to get to cloud on their own time table.  This category of firms has blended the best features from EDI, EAI, ETL, MFT and middleware tools (plus business intelligence, analytics, and extended visibility)  to arrive at a comprehensive integration suite where such blended functionality is available on-premise or in the cloud.

Some questions for your consideration based on our clients' experience with some organizations...

  • Is your vendor riding out the useful life of their current on-premise EDI product(s)?
  • Are you tired of waiting for the product enhancement road map for your EDI product(s)?
  • Are you looking for your EDI vendor to make an investment in modernizing their solution(s)?
  • Does your vendor seem to be betting the farm on Cloud EDI, EDI SaaS, or Managed Services?

If answers to the questions above or ones like them are a source of frustration for you, consider contacting REMEDI to learn more about comprehensive integration solutions (on-premise and/or cloud) or take a look at the case study below...


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