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Brad Loetz

Brad is the President and Managing Director for REMEDI Electronic Commerce Group, and a co-founder of the company which was formed in 1994. He joined the company full-time in 1996 as Managing Director and shortly thereafter took on additional duties as President. His responsibilities include leading the creation and realization of company vision, as well as the functional areas of the business, devoting particular attention to operations, administration, sales, and marketing.

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Methods of EDI Benchmarking to Improve Your Integration Capabilities

Posted by Brad Loetz on Nov 29, 2018 1:25 PM

After you (re)visit why you are investing in EDI integration as part of the strategy process and you have examined some alternatives in supporting the strategy of your business, establishing an understanding of your present state becomes a critical first step in moving your integration capabilities forward. 

Assessing your current capabilities in people, process, and technology helps you plan the gap between where you are now and where you are headed, and sometimes gives you criterion and a scorecard to measure against along the way.

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Why Top IT Leaders Are Focused On Their B2B Integration Strategy

Posted by Brad Loetz on Aug 13, 2018 9:00 AM

The ability to advance B2B integration strategies and capabilities is a top priority for many IT leaders. With the explosion of the number of electronic B2B integrations, they recognize that focusing their infrastructure around integration, modernization, and transparent communication across their business network is essential to the growth and scalability of the organization. In this infographic, we discuss:

  • The growth of B2B Integration requirements in the marketplace
  • Benefits of enhancing your integration competency
  • Customer and executive expectations
  • Steps to advance your integration maturity and capabilities

Check it out!

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Exploring the Cost Factor of B2B Integration Choices

Posted by Brad Loetz on Jun 19, 2018 4:53 PM

Whenever you are considering a new technology solution, cost is one of the first factors that come up. Deploying a B2B integration solution offers you a few options, each option has a different cost attached to it.

Read on to learn about how much each B2B integration deployment costs, and why you should consider other, broader cost categories when making your decision.

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How to Choose Your B2B Integration Approach (+ Free Quick Guide Matrix!)

Posted by Brad Loetz on Jun 1, 2018 3:25 PM

When it comes to choosing a B2B integration approach, you have four primary options: on-premises (integration software installed on a server at an organization’s site), hosted (integration software installed on a server off-site), cloud (integration software delivered over the internet), and hybrid (integration functionality utilizing two or more of the above). How do you know which of them is right for you?

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9 EDI Staffing Considerations for Your B2B Integration Initiatives

Posted by Brad Loetz on Apr 3, 2018 11:27 AM

While providing the integration capabilities to support an organization requires proper planning and a robust methodology, it's people that are truly vital to the successful execution of any initiative.

In B2B Integration Options, On-Premises, Hosted, Cloud, Hybrid, and More, we discussed 31 factors to consider for your delivery method, one of which was "Required Staffing." In this article, we expand on that concept and share 9 EDI staffing considerations for your B2B integration initiatives so you can achieve the best outcomes.

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