What's Up With Grand Re-Openings?

Posted by Brad Loetz on Nov 3, 2014 1:53 PM

I've been noticing a trend as of late.  You see a lot of new businesses having Grand Opening celebrations, but what's up with companies having Grand Re-Opening celebrations? 

Grand Re-Openings are a somewhat new marketing technique...attention getting and usually revolving around a new facility, new business format, new products, and/or new services.  So what does this have to do with Data Integration, Data Transformation, and Data Exchange? 

This will take some imagination so stick with me... 

There are many organizations whose business integration and file exchange departments are having a Grand Re-Opening of sorts.  After modernization efforts, which have followed a carefully crafted B2B and Integration strategy, integrators are able to offer internal line of business personnel enhanced B2B and supply chain visibility.  And integrators are also able to more easily establish commerce connections with their business network of customers, suppliers, carriers, etc., never having to say they can't support a protocol, or connection method, or data standard.  Gone are the old, redundant, siloed, single purpose systems for EDI, system integration, file transfer and data exchange.       

Supporting or enabling these Grand Re-Openings are B2B and Integration strategies and tools designed to give organizations real differential advantage through modern integration systems.  As this recent blog from a fellow integration professional titled B2B Integration is "Table Stakes" to be Competitive points out, those who are budget constrained often feel uninspired to create a formal B2B and Integration Strategy.  The author's view is this is a kind of chicken and egg thing.  In the absence of a detailed B2B and Integration Strategy, the modern integration visions of integrators are very difficult to achieve.  Highly detailed plans, road maps, and ROI estimates are always required before CFOs consider granting funding for anything.  I understand that where budget does not exist developing a plan can be tough, but as it goes, no plan always equals no budget.  

If you are struggling to arrive at a B2B and Integration Strategy to support your vision of comprehensive integration support for your trading network and internal line of business peers, contact us for assistance. 20_years

As REMEDI begins it's 20th year in business we find ourselves having our own Grand Re-Opening.  When we started the company in 1994, EDI consulting and EDI managed services was basically our offering.  As time, technology, and client requirements evolved we have found ourselves with a much more developed offering.  Our technology competencies have transitioned from EDI to B2B integration, enterprise application integration, managed file transfer, and commerce.  And beyond consulting and managed services, our offering now includes B2Bi / EDI product training, project / strategy consulting, integration / MFT software resale and deployment, recruiting / placement, and much more.  

Best of luck with your Grand Re-Opening...


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