How a Cloud Can Clear Your EDI Storm

Posted by Brooke Lester on Apr 26, 2016 3:48 PM

Over the past few years, we have quickly seen cloud storage become a huge part of our personal and professional lives. For those unfamiliar with cloud storage, it’s essentially an intangible hard drive that allows storage and access to data for a variety of users. Cloud storage grants many benefits to daily tasks, mobile devices, and web services we all use. Whether we know it or not, we’re using a cloud when collaborating online with co-workers, using email, and even streaming entertainment at home. Such profound innovations seem to find their way into almost all aspects of our lives in time, so I was surprised to read in this article, by Scott Koegler, that only 8% of billing transactions are cloud based.

Many of the culprits in this scenario are the various trading partners who haven’t stayed up to date with Cloud_Tray.jpgthe technology. This may be the result of their technological ineptitude, resistance to change, or budget constraints. Some partners may have the technological capabilities, but few deliver documents in an easily processed and integrated format. Trading partners using outdated systems, regardless of the reason, are a problem for many businesses. Imagine the headaches of a large retailer carrying thousands of SKUs having to deal with fractured EDI data for all their trading partners! A cloud system for your B2B transactions can help your trading partners connect and manage their transactions easily, while giving you visibility into it all.

In a previous blog, I discussed the cost of manual transactions to your business and the impact they can have on your customers.  While the number of digital transactions is growing, it's still hard to imagine that there are still such a large number that are still processing transactions manually.  Whether you prefer an on premises solution or a cloud/SaaS solution there are options for everyone.  REMEDI has started offering cloud/SaaS options for our customers.  We have found that a growing number of companies are moving to a cloud/SaaS/managed services for their EDI.  SaaS solutions offer comprehensive solutions for business of any size with scalibilty to meet any budget.  

As an electronic commerce company, we at REMEDI cringe to read a number as low as 8% for contemporary B2B practice. We regularly work with our customers to modernize their B2B transactions and improve trading partner relationships. As businesses choose to stay current and adapt cloud based solutions for their transactions or modernized on premises systems, we at REMEDI assist them with system health checks and audits, as well as upgrades, mapping, and testing. If you are in need of assistance, or yet to modernize, don’t hesitate to contact us for support.

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