How to Address EDI Staffing Concerns in a DIY Integration Project

Posted by Brooke Lester on May 9, 2018 11:52 AM

How to Address Staffing Concerns for a DIY B2B Integration Project

Integration projects can be lengthy and require a lot of resources. When you’re planning an integration project, you not only have to consider the task at hand, but also the staff to complete the project. It does not mean that your employees can't carry it out on their own necessarily. Challenges often arise when employees are juggling several other mission-critical tasks.

If you do not have enough staff to handle a B2B integration project, does that mean you cannot handle the project in-house? No! It means you might be able to utilize outside help to keep all the balls in the air. Read on to learn how EDI staffing services can help your B2B integration projects succeed and be cost-effective.

When Do You Need EDI Staffing Services?

There is more than one reason you might need EDI staffing services. They are all equally valid and using EDI staffing services can be the difference between a B2B integration project that succeeds and one that fizzles.

You might need EDI staffing services because you do not have enough personnel to handle a B2B integration project. There is also the case of having staff without the adequate technical knowledge to undertake such a venture on their own.

How Can EDI Staffing Services Help You?

When you realize that you do not have the right number of employees for a B2B integration project, or that they lack the skills and expertise to do it themselves, what is your first instinct? It is most likely to put an ad on a job site.

This seems like a sensible approach until you think about it. Ask yourself if your HR department is equipped to determine the best candidate, be they a perm or contract resource. While the HR team is qualified to assess which person is a good organizational fit, Human Resources personnel rarely understand your unique EDI needs.

EDI staffing services providers are experts in finding the right person to fill EDI-related jobs. They know what kinds of skills and expertise are necessary to locate personnel that will do the job right the first time. You do not have to waste months on end looking for the right person; using EDI staffing services shortens the time to find an EDI professional perfect for the project at hand.

How Do EDI Staffing Services Providers Operate?

EDI staffing services act as the middleman between companies and qualified candidates. They solicit resumes from EDI professionals and keep their data on file until they find the right job. These firms maintain the credentials of thousands of qualified candidates and are talking to hundreds of integration professionals each week. Take a look at our collection of Blogs for the integration and EDI hiring manager...

How do EDI staffing services find the right positions for candidates? They work with companies to learn what their EDI staffing needs are – what hardware and software they use, what the company culture is like, what processes they use, etc. Based on that information, integration firms recommend resources and companies select candidates for temporary or permanent jobs. Take a look at our collection of Blogs for integration and EDI candidates...

If you do not have the right resources for your B2B integration project, the odds of success are against you. EDI staffing services help you fill those gaps by finding knowledgeable, experienced EDI professionals on a temporary or permanent basis. To learn more about how Remedi can assist you with your EDI staffing needs, contact us today!

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