How To Use A Consultant

Posted by Tracy Loetz on Nov 18, 2008 9:17 AM

Well that's a strange question. Shouldn't a consultant know what to do? Aren't they supposed to come in, take charge, and make things happen?

While this may be the expectation, a consultant can only make progress with a willing partner.

I have an article that is a few years old now called "Ten Steps to a More Effective Consulting Experience" by Kevin J. Hume, ESYNC. I think it is great list for both a consultant and consultee (is that a word?) to work from.

Below is list of those ten items...
  1. Clarify and agree on objectives before the project begins
  2. Define assumptions
  3. Allocate sufficient resources
  4. Communicate within your organization
  5. Make the kick-off meeting effective
  6. Conduct weekly updates
  7. Schedule a midpoint review session
  8. Float preliminary conclusions
  9. Allow sufficient time for development and review of the final presentation
  10. Conduct the final presentation as an integrated team

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