In Case You Missed It - IBM B2B Integrator Video

Posted by Scott Story on Nov 7, 2014 10:58 AM

Last month you probably received an invitation to attend our presentation and live demo of IBM Sterling B2B Integrator.  We had a great turn out, but I know some of you have emailed me about a replay since you couldn't make it.  Well, we have it posted!  

REMEDI offers demos to provide our customers and new clients a chance to get a closer look at integration software solutions and deployment strategies. 

announcingProviding software product demos are part of every successful software deployment.  You always like to feel as if you delivered the perfect demo, and with the amount of demos we provide here at REMEDI, we get plenty of practice and get great feedback.  Each software demo offers new learning experiences to ultimately make the next demo better. 

Software demos can be customized for each client to demonstrate functionality that is important to your business.  With a solution like IBM B2B Integrator there are a wide range of uses and it can provide solutions from an eCommerce Gateway to a middleware message bus, not to mention an industry leading EDI/Non-EDI transformation and integration tool. 

Also, IBM has made a committment to support Gentran according to this statement. We've spoken with many who are seeking further clarity on this and are interested in the advantages offered in IBM Sterling B2B Integrator.  If you are are interested in discussing these us.

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