EDI Managed Services - Opportunities And Efficiencies

Posted by Brad Loetz on May 14, 2009 6:16 AM

Is your organization being impacted by the challenges of the current economy? Are you being asked to make difficult decisions within your EDI department regarding budgets, projects, consultants, and employees? Are you expected to do more with less?

These are challenges clients need to deal with all the time, and as of late, increasingly more often. In conversations with prospects since the economy has tanked, a service that has received more interest than in the past is Managed Services.

Managed Services has been offered here for the past 15 years. In 2008, 20% of our clients utilized our Managed Services to help control and lower costs / risks while engaging expert EDI resources to maintain their EDI environments.

A Managed Services approach allows clients to maintain control of their strategic EDI infrastructure by keeping it in-house and lets clients have a services provider maintain the EDI infrastructure and EDI integrations, as well as lead trading partner communication / coordination.

EDI Managed Services are attractive to those looking to have flexible and nimble staff in difficult economic times, or in times of rapid organizational growth. Of course it provides benefits in terms of budget management and staff redundancy. Managed Services also provides opportunities for EDI departments to be more efficient through the best practice utilization of EDI, optimization of your integration software, and further implementation of integration, collaboration, and automation solutions.

Depending on your challenges, maybe Managed Services are right for you…

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