Managed Services for Food and Beverage: A Tasty Treat for Your IT Department

Posted by Brooke Lester on Apr 15, 2020 4:52 PM

Managed Services for Food and Beverage: A Tasty Treat for Your IT Department

The food and beverage manufacturing industries are more complex than ever. New rules and regulations add a burden to manufacturers, yet they also protect consumers. Manufacturers have to pay attention to consumer behaviors and trends, too. Finally, suppliers are no longer local; they’re spread out across the globe.

The impact of this complexity falls across the whole company, though the IT department can feel it the most. That’s where EDI and B2B managed services come into the picture. They streamline processes, reduce stress on the IT department, and save time and money overall.

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What Are B2B Managed Services?

Before we explore the benefits of B2B managed services, let’s talk about what they are. B2B managed services have a somewhat different definition than IT managed services.

REMEDI defines managed services this way. Businesses own the EDI system or the B2B integration tools, and REMEDI operates them on the client’s behalf. Managed services look different at different clients; some companies want REMEDI to take care of  software maintenance as well as day-to-day support, while others prefer REMEDI to add new trading partners and handle mapping and testing capabilities. REMEDI develops unique plans to meet each client’s needs.

B2B Managed Services: Streamlining Processes

One of the ways in which food and beverage manufacturers benefit from B2B managed services is streamlining processes. What does that look like?

Because EDI systems and B2B integration digitize information, manufacturers can exchange information with their trading partners much faster. However, for these solutions and systems to work effectively, you need someone who can operate them properly. That’s where B2B managed services can help; trained experts in EDI systems and B2B integration ensure your solutions and systems run smoothly for streamlined operations.

Managed Services for Food and Beverage: A Tasty Treat for Your IT Department

Reducing Stress on the IT Department with B2B Managed Services

Another benefit of B2B managed services is that they reduce stress on the IT department. How so?

EDI systems and B2B integration solutions are specialized knowledge sets. Most IT professionals don’t have the knowledge, skills, or expertise to run them. On the other hand, B2B managed services providers can effectively operate EDI systems and B2B integration solutions because that’s their specialty. That relieves the burden on the IT department.

B2B Managed Services: Saving Time and Money Overall

Finally, working with a B2B managed services provider saves food and beverage manufacturers time and money overall. The reason behind this involves core competencies.

EDI systems and B2B integration solutions aren’t food and beverage manufacturers’ core competencies. Putting time and effort into those areas will result in less-than-stellar outcomes because they divert attention away from what those firms do best. B2B managed services allow food and beverage manufacturers to focus on manufacturing food and beverages, so they don’t waste time or money on what they don’t do well.

Look at B2B managed services as a treat for your IT department; it reduces their burden while streamlining processes and saving time and money for your whole company. Contact REMEDI today to discuss your EDI and B2B integration needs.

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