Posted by Tracy Loetz on Jun 10, 2014 2:42 PM

I'm writing this post while on a wonderful family trip to France and Italy. One of the most important experiences I want my kids to have is traveling to other countries and feeling comfortable doing so.  It is such a learning experience to muddle your way through the language and the transportation.  

How could I use this experience and write a blog post?  Ahh, that's it....muddling. 

iStock_000027978986SmallIn Europe, we have spoken caveman French and Italian, spent hours on trains, gotten lost trying to find our apartment, and have gotten in arguments amongst ourselves because we are either tired or frustrated. Then you have those moments when you said a sentence in French that was understood, you have a good meal, the kids are actually getting along, and you realize you are in Europe. 

Isn't this what happens when we take on a new software program or programming language...muddle?  It's learning a new language.  You speak caveman as you try to fit the pieces together. You get lost, make a wrong turn, and are headed in the wrong direction. You get frustrated and tired. Then you have those light bulb moments when things start to come have a success.  This is what keeps you going. 

As you immerse yourself in your "foreign" language, everything starts to make sense.  It just takes time :)

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