REMEDI Announces 2011 Results, Accomplishments, and Milestones

Posted by Tracy Loetz on Mar 26, 2012 6:00 AM

Columbus, OH (PRWEB) March 26, 2012 - REMEDI Electronic Commerce Group, a Business and Data Integration organization, announced today that it surpassed prior performance for the third consecutive year. REMEDI provides consulting, software, training, managed services, and recruiting & placement solutions to a variety of industry leaders throughout the US and Canada. A broadened focus to include B2Bi, EDI, and EAI, ETL, MFT, Commerce, data integration & warehouse, and business intelligence technologies has contributed to the company’s steady growth. In addition, REMEDI’s growth included the expansion of sales, marketing, and sourcing staff; strengthening of key partnerships, increased delivery of managed services, and ongoing integration thought leadership initiatives.

remedi-footer-logo“2011 was a good year for our clients, especially over some of the challenges of previous years. With ever increasing competition, energy costs, worldwide political and economic volatility, man-made and natural supply chain interruptions, clients continued their drive towards implementing solutions that increased productivity, efficiency, visibility and value. For many, this included modern stand-alone B2B/EAI/MFT solutions which provide good vertical functionality and performance. For a great number of others, they were part of the steady migration from multiple stand-alone solutions for MFT, B2B and enterprise integration to comprehensive integration suites delivered via an on-premise, as a service, outsourcing approach, or some combination of the three. It is in these comprehensive integration suite deployments where REMEDI saw much of its efforts directed throughout the year," according to President Brad Loetz. "At the end of the day which ever route clients determine is best for them, stand-alone integration solutions or comprehensive integration suites, they have to have the ability to offer cost-effective, scalable integration solutions in order to remain relevant and viable in a fiercely competitive environment. REMEDI is pleased to offer our clients assistance with these challenges."

Relevant highlights and milestones in 2011 included:

  • REMEDI completed their 17th year in business marked by an expanded relationship with IBM; offering software sales solutions including IBM Software Group B2B Business Solutions, MFT and Commerce solutions.
  • For the second consecutive year REMEDI increased recruiting staff to expand capacity for consulting and full-time opportunities. Continual growth of the IBM Business Partner relationship demanded a dedicated IBM sales resource and doubling of the marketing staff to extend business development reach.
  • With the addition of a dedicated software sales resource, REMEDI more than tripled software sales from the previous year.
  • REMEDI increased revenue in 2011 by 15.5%.
  • An upswing of IT projects and services in 2011 enabled a 10% increase in consultants on billing.
  • REMEDI experienced the most project growth in the Transportation and Logistics Industry with an increased demand for installation and upgrades to shipping software to meet customer and industry requirements.
  • Offerings in 2011 that lead in popularity included: B2Bi/EDI managed services, large scale trading partner on boarding, X-link (Gentran to SI/GIS) map conversion service, and infrastructure upgrade/installation/quick start service.
  • The 4th quarter marked a noticeable increase in recruiting and placement requests for full-time integration professionals.


REMEDI Electronic Commerce Group is an independent provider of business-2-business (B2B) and application-2-application (A2A) integration consulting, managed services, and placement services since 1994. REMEDI’s broad spectrum of customers relies upon our expertise in installing, implementing, integrating, and supporting B2Bi and A2Ai solutions that improve productivity, competitiveness, and stakeholder value.

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