The Stage Is Set For A Great 2010

Posted by Brad Loetz on Jan 7, 2010 11:19 AM

While 2009 presented the world economic challenges that many have not seen in their lifetime, folks persevered and are planning for what we all hope and expect to be a great 2010. Certain events occurred in 2009 that we believe set the stage for recovery. Economists believe the “Great Recession” ended in early summer. And while job losses were still occurring, they decreased in number as the year came to a close. The Labor Department also reported that the second quarter productivity rate jumped by 6.6%, the largest advance since 2003. And finally, sustainable or not, Wall Street bounced from early 2009 lows to a respectable year end close due to corporate productivity and profitability.

calendarSo the stage is set for a great 2010. Where and how do we see the recovery unfolding, particularly as it relates to B2Bi and enterprise data integration? We believe to support their organizations business integration, management will seek to maximize return on investment in integration tools, enhance productivity, and improve the customer experience by continuing their pursuit of the perfect transaction. A perfect transaction or series of transactions (a business process) being a touch-free error-free event across, or within, organizations. While much sought after, and seldom accomplished, the perfect transaction would yield incredible advantages to organizations able to achieve this goal. In addition to this ultimate goal we believe IT management in 2010, regardless of their area of responsibility, will seek solutions/services with a low total cost of ownership, with vendor managed risk, from parties that are able to manage and execute, where providers are long term and positive outcome oriented, are viewed as thought leaders in their field, and have relevant references.

It is going to be a year full of big expectations, and a few unanticipated events I’m sure. Follow us this year to hear how integration challenges continue to be addressed.

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