Things Are Always Changing...

Posted by Brad Loetz on Jul 8, 2010 10:00 AM

This month REMEDI begins its 18th year in business! Thanks to those who have contributed to REMEDI's success, and thanks for your consideration in tomorrow's business and data integration initiatives, be they EDI, EAI, ETL, DI, BW, or BI in nature.

iStock_000027978986SmallIt's funny to look back at events that happened in the year we formed REMEDI. The White House launched its first web page, initial ecommerce sites were established, the price of regular gasoline/gallon was $1.16, the cost of a first-class stamp was $0.29, Forrest Gump was the top grossing movie of the year, ER and Friends premiered on NBC, and of course the O.J. high speed chase.

In many respects it seems just yesterday we launched REMEDI. In other respects it has been a long haul. The EDI, middleware, and now integration industry has endured a lot of change...the emergence of the Internet, Y2K, XML (replacing EDI :-) ), Dotcom (and bomb), SOX, EDIINT, HIPAA, purchasing portals, etc. REMEDI and a large majority of our clients have endured these changes, not to mention three economic downturns of major significance.

Now, as you may have seen through integration software acquisition announcements, we prepare for a time of consolidation across the EDI, B2Bi, EAI, comms/MFT, and business intelligence software space.

As always, it will be an interesting ride.

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