Thought Leadership - What's It All About?

Posted by Brad Loetz on Sep 5, 2014 3:33 PM

REMEDI has been in the newsletter, blog, and social game for quite some time now.  You may or may not know that there is a tremendous amount of effort that goes into these initiatives.  From a blog perspective, we publish two times a week and one post is a lighter piece with authoring duties passed from REMEDI team member to team member and is usually oriented to how the individual serves the customer or their observations in doing so. 

The other weekly piece is for the technologist, manager, executive...or contains a take away for each of these three role players.  This post often is REMEDI's perspective on a piece of research, survey, article, tweet, post, industry happenings, or our experience in the field serving clients with their EDI, B2Bi, MFT, and EAI needs.

So why do we go to great lengths in time, money, and effort to develop these pieces?

It's about Thought Leadership!

iStock_000026771099SmallREMEDI has been in this business for over 20 years and we have read, seen, heard, and experienced a lot. It is natural we have things to say.  For example, have you seen some of the length of my posts?
I would imagine it is the same with you, the integration professional...trained, experienced, and possessing great knowledge of the integration systems, ERP systems, EDI systems, and industries / standards / protocols you have worked with in the past.  You too can get involved with Thought Leadership and maybe you already are.

Thought Leadership is about...

  • becoming an authority on a given topic
  • having your audience recognize your authority on the topic
  • communicating your perspective on that topic to your audience
  • focusing on the topic (or sub topics) that are of importance to your audience

Given the above, we invest the time and effort developing our blogs and social posts to give our point of view on the events of the industry, whatever they may be.  We do so with the expectation of positioning ourselves with prospects as integration software, services, consulting, and advisory expert.  We also provide this material for current and past clients in order to supplement the value of solutions we have delivered in an effort to maintain our position as their go-to integration partner. 

In the vain of focusing on topics of importance to our audience, please send (Brooke Lester any topics you have for our point of view and we will work them in to our production schedule!

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