Use Cases For Your Integration Suite - Maximize Your Investment

Posted by Brad Loetz on Feb 28, 2017 3:34 PM

Depending on your integration tool and infrastructure, chances are it can be used in many many more applications than it is currently.

Clients often ask us how they can get more out of integration infrastructure investments they have already ecommerce-website-integrationmade.  Similarly, others considering a comprehensive integration suite often ask about the many use cases of the software in order to plan for the retirement of systems, cloud services, and expenses (labor, software maintenance, etc.) where there is functionality overlap in order to justify the new purchase and modernize integration infrastructure.

The Integration Center of Excellence strategy of many companies has spawned the development of comprehensive integration suites.  They have evolved as hybrid integration tools supporting all the functionality of purpose specific legacy software that are unconnected, or loosely connected, that support integration. 

Depending on the breadth of one's integration software capabilities, particularly a modern integration suite, it can be used to develop solutions addressing a wide variety of use cases like the list below:

  • EDI - Electronic Data Interchange
  • EAI - Enterprise Application Integration
  • ETL - Extract Transfer and Load
  • ESB - Enterprise Service Bus
  • MFT - Managed File Transfer (internal/external)
  • Mailboxing, Internet, VAN Communications
  • Trading Partner Portals (inquiry, transactional, file upload/download)
  • Non-traditional EDI - Production/Consumption of CSV files (transactions)
  • Supply Chain Visibility
  • Business Activity Monitoring
  • Realtime and Batch Processing
  • Email to EDI/EDI to Email
  • Messaging and Appliance Integration
  • High Availability Architecture

Are we missing any use cases?

Can your current tool support all of the applications above? 

Do you see efficiencies in centralizing all the functions above into one tool?  Are there efficiencies in grouping  associates in your organization responsible for these functions?

We would like to hear your feedback!


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