Why Did My Software Company Refer Me To A Business Partner?

Posted by Kelly Nichols on Mar 19, 2015 11:46 AM

That is a great question that we get a lot here at REMEDI.  When it comes to software companies, they are great at developing software, but are often challenged to keep up with the demand to provide ongoing follow up, deployments, and go live support.  You’re probably thinking to yourself, that doesn’t make sense because if I buy the software from the software company shouldn’t they do it all?  Install, configure, setup all my trading partners, support, and training….

In essence, we often think that the software companies should wear the hats of a software company, staffing company, training company, onboarding company, deployment company and a help desk company.  If the software company did all this they would never be able to develop the next version of the software to keep up with the ever changing updates that come from the other hardware and operating system/database software companies. So where do you turn?

BusinessPartnerMany software companies have developed comprehensive business partner programs to combat the support issues and provide their customers with reliable resources.  I have found that people often do one thing really well but you can run into trouble when you’ve spread yourself too thin.  Think about your past experiences buying software from a company that did it all.  The software is great, that's why you bought it, but if you run into issues such as configuration, development, mapping, onboarding trading partners, training and support....where do you turn? 

Many have found working with companies like REMEDI who specialize in a niche area (EDI/B2B/MFT) provide you with the best quality.  Software companies value their niche business partners and rely on them to provide their clients with a variety of services and support beyond the initial software sale.  


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