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Managed Services for Manufacturing: From Chaos to Order

Posted by Brooke Lester on Apr 8, 2020 12:37 PM

Half a century ago, manufacturers could rely on a few certainties. For a start, their suppliers were fairly local. Second, their customers were close by, too. Today, that’s no longer the case; as a manufacturer, you know that your trading partners could be scattered across the globe.

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The Future of EDI an IBM POV

Posted by Brooke Lester on Feb 26, 2019 10:50 AM

The world depends on EDI, it has for decades.   But the world is changing and with it, the future of EDI is evolving.  Read the IBM point of view regarding the future EDI and blockchain.  

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Why Top IT Leaders Are Focused On Their B2B Integration Strategy

Posted by Brad Loetz on Aug 13, 2018 9:00 AM

The ability to advance B2B integration strategies and capabilities is a top priority for many IT leaders. With the explosion of the number of electronic B2B integrations, they recognize that focusing their infrastructure around integration, modernization, and transparent communication across their business network is essential to the growth and scalability of the organization. In this infographic, we discuss:

  • The growth of B2B Integration requirements in the marketplace
  • Benefits of enhancing your integration competency
  • Customer and executive expectations
  • Steps to advance your integration maturity and capabilities

Check it out!

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B2B Integration: Why “Do It Yourself” Does Not Mean “Go It Alone”

Posted by Brooke Lester on Apr 19, 2018 1:52 PM

It makes sense to tackle large projects in-house and culturally this approach is often the only way IT projects get completed in some organizations. These DIY situations might include bench marking your B2B integration capabilities or considering new integration delivery mechanisms. At times it sounds daunting to some firms, but it is doable.

However, just because you are taking the DIY approach does not mean you have to handle every single aspect of an initiative on your own. There are certain challenges that might arise which require outside help. Read on to learn when it makes sense to take on a B2B integration project on your own, when to ask for help, and to whom you should turn.

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2 Factors That Can Impact Your Ability to Advance EDI Capabilities

Posted by Brad Loetz on Mar 6, 2018 11:02 AM

The first step to more closely aligning your EDI capabilities with the overarching goals and objectives of your organization is to examine your current state. Once you define your strengths and weaknesses and have a clear understanding of client requirements, the business strategy, executive expectations, perceptions of IT, and the CIO's goals, you can begin visualizing your desired future state and put together an improvement plan.

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