Why Expanding Your EDI Capabilities Is a Business Imperative

Posted by Brooke Lester on Nov 13, 2019 4:13 PM

Why Expanding Your EDI Capabilities Is a Business Imperative

Can your EDI infrastructure handle the demands of today’s business environment? This is not just idle speculation – it is a question that has a significant impact on your business. If you cannot keep up, you could find yourself left behind.

When you modernize EDI infrastructure, you reap the benefits of business growth. Read on to learn why it is crucial to modernize EDI and improve your EDI infrastructure.

Benefit 1: You Can Cope with Big Data

It’s easier to generate data than ever before. You could publish a blog post on WordPress in less time than it takes to fly from New York to LA, and we all know how long it takes to compose a single Tweet.

Because it is so easy to generate data, there is more information on the planet than ever before. Moreover, it travels at high speeds. Modern EDI can handle those high volumes and equally high velocities.

“It is easier to generate data than ever before, and there is more data than ever before.”

A project to modernize EDI infrastructure could enable you to handle those volumes and velocities of data. In turn, such a project could make your company more attractive to trading partners, which could boost your business.

Benefit 2: Achieve Greater Compliance

Not only do you have to comply with legal regulations in a variety of jurisdictions, but you also have to meet trading partner requirements. The more trading partners you have, the more requirements you will have to fulfill.

That is where modern EDI infrastructure comes into the picture. When you modernize EDI, it automates the transmission of information. That is helpful when you work with a number of trading partners because then you do not have to keep track of each partner’s requirements. You can scale up because you can accommodate more trading partners’ requirements.

Benefit 3: Reduce Your Risk of Using an Out-of-Date EDI System

Many companies hold off on replacing technology until they absolutely have to do so. It is a logical mindset; after all, new technology is expensive. However, some firms keep systems in use for longer than they should. They ignore the fact that the vendor no longer supports the product, or that the system is simply at the end of its life.

There is a risk in that approach. When a vendor no longer supports a product, or there are no more fixes for a system, you are vulnerable. Your EDI system could crash, and you would have no alternative to handle all of your documents and transactions. Such a situation would disappoint your trading partners and could harm business relationships.

“When a vendor no longer supports your product, you are vulnerable.”

A project to modernize EDI will not only give you a solution that is up-to-date, but you have peace of mind that it will be supported well into the future. Your trading partners can rely upon you to complete transactions in a timely fashion, which builds trust.

Expanding your EDI capabilities is not a nice-to-have – today, it is a must. Your trading partners want to know that you can handle big data, fulfill partner requirements, and possess a stable EDI solution.  ARE YOU READY TO INTEGRATE?

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